Server Changelog!


  • 2 years ago Add Added StatTrak™ technology to all knife types (10% chance)
  • 2 years ago Add Added nametag support to all StatTrak™ weapons
  • 2 years ago Add Added a quality-based border around each item
  • 2 years ago Update Modifed key prices and categories
  • 2 years ago Add Added a much more detailed description for each item
  • 2 years ago Add Added bodygroup support (model customization)
  • 2 years ago Fixed Fixed a considerable amount of PS2-related bugs
  • 2 years ago Update Increased drop chances based on donator rank
  • 2 years ago Add :tools: User Menu The user menu is a completely new addition of ours, which will allow players to view their in-game profile and track certain stats, with advanced options for donators. Depending on how high your donator rank is, you will be able to— • View basic information (name, Steam icon, etc.) :free: • Change your scoreboard icon manually • Set yourself a custom scoreboard color • Set yourself a rainbow scoreboard color • More features are coming soon! This menu can be opened by clicking on your name (scoreboard), then on User Menu.
  • 2 years ago Add With this update being, bystanders will now mainly be able to search certain corpses for clues. To attempt a search on a corpse as a bystander, hold your action key on any of them.
  • 2 years ago Add New gunshot sound for both AWP and Desert Eagle
  • 2 years ago Add Added a Revolver R8 animation on right click
  • 2 years ago Add Added a reload timer in the middle screen
  • 2 years ago Add Added a smoke effect after a gunshot
  • 2 years ago Fixed Minor bug fixes
  • 2 years ago Add New MOTD: With this update, when you log onto the server, you are now greeted with our new MOTD and its own features. You will be able to access our website, forums, store, commands list and much more! It can be triggered by pressing F1.
  • 2 years ago Update • Custom icons are now available for everyone through the emoticons list.
  • 2 years ago Update • As a donator, your prefix icon displayed in the chat will match your current rank's icon.
  • 2 years ago Add New Player Models To finish off with, we added a few player models available in @everyone's shop. Dio Brando Lumiere Etoile Luka Lie Ren Sophie J͏̴̨ù̢͟s͝t̵͜͞ ̵͘͜M͟͢͝҉o͜͢n̶̷i̵͝k̵̸̨a͠҉ Misaki Misaki Bikini Trafalgar Law Brook The Soul King Marco God Ener Roronoa Zoro Reverse Flash Laffey Tsumugi Shirogane Azapee Gaara Rasta Ibuki Mioda Kokichi Oma Angie Yonaga Keebo
  • 2 years ago Add As all of you probably already noticed, the HUD was modified to offer a nicer, fresher look and to display an extra information : your points total. Opening the shop to look for your amount of points isn’t needed anymore — you will know in a real-time basis how many points do you have!
  • 2 years ago Add This is a completely new ability available for murderers only. As you may know or already have experienced, being killed first isn’t the best of situations and may be frustrating — waiting for a round to end over and over is quite boring, especially if the murderer is struggling finding the last player, therefore rounds taking up to 8 minutes before they finally end. This new ability should take care of that as its goal is to make rounds shorter than usual. From now on, murderers can hold “E” with at least five clues. Doing so will reveal everyone’s position for 7 seconds in a radius determinated by the number of clues you activated the ability with. The higher your amount of clues, the higher the radius is!
  • 2 years ago Add We, with this update being, made donator ranks a little bit more valuable — more worth buying. Donator-related changes are listed below. • Each donator rank will benefit of a jukebox price’s reduction, going from a 25% reduction to a completely free-of-use jukebox. • Number of custom icons you are able to add to your icon selector list is higher based off your rank, for a maximum of three icons. • Number of custom bystander names you are able to add to the generation list is higher based off your rank, for a maximum of five names. • 200+ in-game names were added — and their respective icons are available to select through your icon selector.
  • 2 years ago Add New update, new skins. We added both knife and gun skins to enhance diversity — and our skins selection! Everyone can unbox them as from now and find a list of said skins below. *NEW* Knife Skins + M9 - Abyss + Karambit - Hyperbeast + Karambit - Indigo + Karambit - Amethyst + Karambit - Galaxy + Karambit - Blood + Bayonet - Aqua *NEW* Gun Skins + AWP - Gentlemen + Desert Eagle - Golden Eagle
  • 2 years ago Fixed Database Corruption
  • 2 years ago Update • Jukebox’s base price : 100 points ➠ 250 points. • Point gain has been slightly increased. • Icons have been reset, therefore every Silver donator or higher may select their custom icon once again. • From now on, when you load onto the server, you will be prompted to choose among two teams — players or spectators. Simply click on the team you’d like to join.
  • 2 years ago Add • Three new commands have been added, which can now be used through your console. mu_showvelocity <1, 0> | enables or disables the display of your velocity. mu_showendround <1, 0> | toggles whether the scoreboard should show up or not when a round ends. mu_crosshair <1, 0> | if set to 1, changes your crosshair color to white.